Does Perfume or Cologne Cause a Violation?

Perfume and cologne cause violations on Ignition Interlock devices because most of these products contain a high percentage of alcohol.  This is generally the case only when applied in the vehicle.  If applied in the vehicle the concentration is high and can be the cause of a violation.  If applied in the house or outside this should not be an issue.  A clean or passed test can be achieved by airing out the vehicle and rinsing your mouth with water.  This clears the air and dissipates the alcohol.  If you have a violation that you believe was caused by this clear the car by airing it out and rinse your mouth and you should be able to blow a clean sample and start your car.  

Smart Start of Kansas offers only fuel cell alcohol specific devices.  Therefore only products that contain alcohol will cause a reading.  There are no false positive tests when you are using a fuel cell alcohol specific device.  You want to be cautious of any products that contain alcohol.  If you use mouthwash or toothpaste with alcohol you will want to do so plent of time before testing.  Once you are done, rinse your mouth several times.  The tingling that you feel in your mouth is the alcohol, rinse until that feeling is gone and give a little extra time to be sure.  This type of alcohol is considered mouth alcohol and not ingested alcohol, unless of course you swallow your mouthwash.  

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Can I Beat the Breathalyzer?

Many have claimed and even written on the idea of how to beat a breathalyzer device.  As far as ignition interlock devices go, there are many built in features that are incorporated into the device to prevent someone from being able to fool it.  Many of these rules are required by the state that they are certified in.  These built in processes can be include breath temperature sensing, human hum tone features, suck back features, and many more.  The devices are also built to detect tampering or circumvention of the device if it is attempted to be wired around or bypassed.  

The Discovery show Myth Busters also ran a show on beating a breathalyzer.  They tested some of the common myths that are associated with fooling a breathalyzer device.  Click here to see a YouTube clip of the testing they performed and the results.  

Some people though don't want to take our word for it and will inevitably try themselves.  I have heard many people over the years who have claimed that they work on cars, have a friend who told them a trick, as well as many other stories.  Many have found out the hard way that these devices have technology built in that makes it all but impossible to beat.  

Still interested in trying to beat the ignition interlock device?  A few things you should know before getting yourself into a bad situation.  Many states, including Kansas, have laws that are meant to deter any suitor from trying their hand at getting around a state ordered ignition interlock device.  Kansas has enacted penalties for any attempted tampering or circumvention of an ignition interlock device.  Please read our article under Kansas DUI laws section under 8-1017, it outlines the penalties for tampering or circumventing an ignition interlock device.  This is something that happens rarely, but a risky chance to take.

Ignition Interlock in Olathe Kansas

Smart Start operates Monday through Friday in Olathe Kansas.  Smart Start is located at 11505 Strang Line Road.  Our location in Olathe offers installation, calibration and service of state certified ignition interlock devices.  We can work you in at a time that is convenient for you.  You can minimize the time you have to miss work because of our flexible scheduling.

You can rest assured that with Smart Start of Kansas you are leaving nothing to chance.  We stand behind our work and our product 100%.  Our technicians have done thousands of installations on every type of vehicle you can imagine.  We will take care of you and your car.  

Our technicians will provide you with all the paperwork you need.  They will also have a training video for you to watch while we install the unit in your vehicle.  After installation we will work with you in your vehicle to make sure you understand how to use the device, as well as understand the process.  We want your ignition interlock experience to be as positive and sucessful as possible.  A large percentage of our new installations are from previous or current client referrals.  We want you to be so pleased you refer us to.

Want to get setup to have an ignition interlock installed in your vehicle in Olathe Kansas?  We would love to have the chance to earn your business.  You can call us at 1-866-747-8278, or get your Kansas Certified Ignition Interlock apointment scheduled for a convenient time online.

We have the lowest prices without the hidden fees.  Some places lock you into yearly contracts, require multiple months payment up front, no early termination fees, or charge you hidden fees to make their price look lower.  Don't be fooled, we will disclose ALL of our prices and provide a month to month contract.  We don't gouge you if for some reason you aren't happy or have a breakdown, just contact us and we will handle the paperwork for you.

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Can Ignition Interlock Lower Insurance Rates?

Unfortunately, the answer is generally no.  Most states require that when you have ignition interlock on your vehicle that you also have SR-22 insurance.  The SR-22 Insurance is required for a set number of years depending on what state you live in.  

Most ignition interlock clients that we have worked with have expressed that the SR-22 process can be confusing.  You should check with a professional to make sure you are in compliance.  Richard E. Oswalt is an attorney that specializes in criminal defense and you can learn more about SR-22 insurance on his website.

Smart Start of Kansas, provides Kansas Ignition Interlock and has for over a decade.  We have been providing discrete, high quality, low cost, reliable ignition interlock devices for more Kansas than anyone else over since we have been in business.  We receive friend referrals all the time, because we believe in treating people right.  If you need a Kansas Ignition Interlock, we would be happy to help you get your license back.

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Smart Start will fill out your paperwork, file it with the state, report on a monthly basis proving compliance and provide you with 24 hour service.  Smart Start is the best ignition interlock device in Kansas, and wants the opportunity to prove it.  We want to earn your business.

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Wichita Kansas House Arrest and Electronic Monitoring

Looking for house arrest option that is both low priced and discrete?  You have found it.  Smart Start works in partnership to provide house arrest and home alcohol monitoring in Wichita Kansas.  We provide you with a professional, discrete way to satisfy your home confinement sentence without breaking the bank, or being the talk of the town.  

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